The musical instrument, Veena, symbolizes Dakshinee. The Veena, said to originate from prehistoric times, is a fine example of Perfection of design, aesthetics, rhythm & traditional appeal. Although widely perceived as a classical instrument, the Veena is capable of fusing & creating new musical genres, as many practitioners around the world are creating new harmonies by blending Veena & the New Age music. The Modern Indian woman symbolizes the Veena: ability to cope with modern day rigors, while retaining traditional values & grace.

Dakshinee complements the Indian woman by bringing together a breathtaking range of styles and designs rendered on a wide variety of fabric across cotton and silk. Dakshinee is an attempt to blend contemporary design with traditional Indian fabric and designs.

Started in 2008, Dakshinee offers hand-picked collections & custom-tailored ladies wear with materials, designs, patterns, and styles sourced from all over India, from traditional artisans, weavers, and designers. Sourcing directly from artisans and weaver community also helps in realizing Dakshinee’s objective in helping traditional art flourish through this commercial model. The traditional textile arts like tie & dye, block prints, bandhani, kutch work, hand embroidery have found renewed interest with the multi-faceted modern woman, and Dakshinee’s collections reflect the beauty of these timeless art forms on fabric.

With its unique business model, Dakshinee is able to offer continuously renewed collections at affordable prices. With a complete focus on quality, contemporary style, & value for money as guiding values, Dakshinee’s offerings on Salwars, Kurtis, & Sarees, are must have for every well-dressed woman.
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